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Hello there!

This is the reason I do what I do. I absolutely love to hear how, when we learn how to navigate one´s life, our results are such positive changes in our lives! I graciously receive these testimonies and return them to the beautiful people that put in the time and effort to change!!

To your success!!!

I love you all!

-Samantha Smith

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Marc´s Story
Sam Smith is a wealth of knowledge and experience. She has helped me to see the best in myself when I had difficulty seeing it alone. My results have exploded with her direction and support. I would tell anyone looking to expand their awareness to have a strategy session with Sam immediately to see if it is a good fit.-Marc Maynard USA

Maria´s Story
I never actually had dreams. Life was just happening to me. After being only a few weeks into the DreamBuilder Program, I know what my dreams now are, and the Universe is making sure that those dreams come true! Things that I had always wanted are magically coming my way! I feel fulfilled and alive at 60!-Maria Hartman USA

Sara´s Story
My life has changed radically ever since I met Sam Smith. Many of the things I only dreamed of started becoming a reality in my life. The universe focused on creating what I wanted. My intuition grew and the signs came quickly and easily. And this is just the beginning! At 26 years old, I was able to buy my house (I did not know how, nor had any idea how to do it, but things just fell into place). The tools that Samantha teaches me on a day to day basis, help me to jump over the obstacles of life in a better way and I learn the lessons that are there for me.  Sam really is magical for me, like my fairy godmother; there to teach me and help me to achieve everything I want.-Sara Moreno

Mi vida ha cambiado radicalmente desde que conoci a Sam Smith. Muchas de las cosas que soñaba empezaron a volverse realidad y todo el universo se enfoca en que lo consiga. Mi intuicion crecio, y las señales llegan facil y rapido. Esto apenas comienza, tan solo a mis 26 años logre comprar mi casa (no sabia, ni tenia idea de como hacerlo, todo se acomodo). Las herramientas que me enseña dia a dia me ayudan a brincar los obstaculos de la vida de una mejor manera y aprender cual es la leccion que hay que aprender. Realmente Sam es magia para mi, como me hada madrina, que me ha enseñado que todo esta en mi y puedo lograr todo lo que quiera.- Sara Moreno Mexico

Edith´s Story
Samantha brings such amazing energy to her that it is contagious. I always feel better after talking to her. -Edith Rodriguez Quiroz Mexico

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