Brave Thinking Institute

Life Mastery Course

with Mary Morrissey

Life Mastery is 6-month deep dive into achieving success in ALL areas of your life. This content is based on more than 40 years of research into the art and science of personal success. You will have access to the most powerful and innovative process available today for quickly and permanently transforming your dreams into your reality!

Each month focuses on 1 of the 6 areas of Life Mastery:

  1. Intention

  2. Health

  3. Abundance

  4. Manifestation

  5. Love

  6. Transformation

Dream Builder Program 

with Mary Morrissey

Imagine- a simple system for discovering what your dream is AND the confidence you need to go after it with joy and inner peace.

In this PROVEN, 90-day process for transforming your life, and jumpstarting the results you want to see, you will learn to live the life you absolutely love, AND enjoy the fulfillment of building your dreams.

Working With The Law

with Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey

The 11 Universal Laws are waiting to be discovered! This 12-week program will help you discover their power to create your dream life. Bob Proctor & Mary Morrissey will help lead you through the study of the principles outlined in Working with the Law by Raymond Holliwell, who has taken the secret teachings and writings of the past, merged them with quantum science and brought these ideas into reality.

Standing Firm When Your World Is Shaking

with Mary Morrissey

The Standing Firm Program is a proven path for surmounting seemingly impossible setbacks, challenges, or failures. Some of the most difficult times in our life can leave us with feelings of despair, hopelessness, even deep sadness and hurt. Despite what has happened, this 4-week program will help you rise again to become a better version of yourself because of how you use this experience.

Into Your Genius

with Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey

During this 12-week program you will discover and explore how to unlock the six powerful mental faculties that you already possess. This course offers a very structured and careful process which, when followed, will bring forth amazing results! You will learn key points and principles, and then follow them up with specific action steps. Get ready for exciting new opportunities to open up for you!

What Samantha's clients have to say.

Marc Maynard USA

Sam Smith is a wealth of knowledge and experience. She has helped me to see the best in myself when I had difficulty seeing it alone. My results have exploded with her direction and support. I would tell anyone looking to expand their awareness to have a strategy session with Sam immediately to see if it is a good fit.
-Marc Maynard

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