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Samantha Smith can help you design and manifest a life that’s in harmony with your soul’s purpose. 

For over thirty years, Samantha has worked with dedicated individuals, helping them build their dreams, accelerate results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives. As a highly respected, sought-after professor and admired consultant, Samantha offers inspiring workshops and in-depth, reliable coaching programs that help clients achieve new heights of success, meaning, and spiritual wellness.

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It is through your subconscious that you can obtain anything you desire.

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Brave Thinking Institute's custom programs

Samantha offers laser coaching with a reliable, repeatable and proven structure of support in all her programs.

individual or group sessions

 Learning in a safe and respected space amongst authentic, like-minded people or in a more personalized approach, either way you will be surprised and delighted by the results you are looking for!



Get a taste of some free bite-sized insights and webinars to whet your appetite for learning.


Samantha delights and surprises her clients by anticipating their wants and seeking to exceed their expectations.


Two or three minute thoughts to help you start your day off on a positive note.


One on One 1:1 Coaching

Very few people have been trained to create change consciously. In this 1:1 training, you will learn how to consciously create change in your life. Through the evocative model of coaching, Samantha will help you understand what a paradigm is and how to install new paradigms so you can be empowered to navigate the gap from where you are to where you would love to be.

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